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  • Why consider a private foundation.

    Some folks start a private foundation because they want to help out the people, institutions, and communities they care about. For others, the motivation may start with tax planning after a conversation with a trusted advisor. Whatever the impetus, new donors often are unaware of the full capabilities of this powerful and flexible philanthropic vehicle.

    Private foundations differ significantly from giving as an individual. Here are a few of the unique benefits:

    • Get an immediate tax deduction, but give when you feel like it
    • Create a lasting legacy that links the family name with good works
    • Be taken more seriously as a philanthropist
    • Build a better family and pass on values to younger generations
    • Make tax-deductible grants directly to individuals in need
    • Run charitable programs without setting up a separate nonprofit

    To get the details on these and other benefits of having a private foundation, download a free copy of 10 Advantages of Having a Private Foundation.

  • The source of the funds used to create and sustain a charitable entity often determines the type of organization you can set up.


    Public Charities normally receive at least a third of their annual support as donations from the general public. This means they rely on ongoing fundraising to support their exempt activities.

    Private Foundations are typically funded by a single individual, family, or business. While private foundations are allowed to conduct very limited fundraising activities, most do not because it is difficult for foundations to raise money from anyone outside the immediate family or business.

    So if you are providing the funding, consider a private foundation. We can help you with that. If a significant portion of the funding will be coming from fundraising activities, then consider a public charity. Foundation Source does not provide services for public charities.

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  • Foundation Source works with donors and their trusted advisors.

    We can create a new private foundation, ready for funding, in less than a week. We then provide a full range of services to keep the foundation running efficiently and compliantly.

    Our services streamline foundation operations, improve collaboration among foundation members, and provide guidance at key transition points.

    Foundation Source helps companies realize all the benefits of a corporate foundation without diverting resources from their for-profit business.

    We help wealth advisors serve their philanthropic clients by providing a time-tested solution for setting up and running foundations. You manage the assets; we take care of the rest.

    We work with attorneys across the county to provide a time-tested, third-party solution for setting up and managing private foundations on behalf of their clients.

  • If you think a private foundation may be right for you, here are some possible next steps.

    New Foundations Visit our page on Starting a Private Foundation to get more detailed information about our simple process, the benefits of a private foundation, funding and investment options, ways you can give, and tax benefits.

    Overview of Services Review our Overview of Services to learn about our complete suite of integrated support services for private foundations.


    Foundation Source is the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations, bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to clients across the country. Our clients supply the funds, the vision, and the philanthropic goals; we take care of everything else.


    Contact Us to ask any questions you may have or to get the process started.

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