Integrated Support Services
for Private Foundations

Private foundations can be complicated;
we make them rewarding and easy to manage.
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  • Working with private foundations is the only thing we do.

    Whether you’re establishing a new private foundation or have had one for years, your philanthropy can be more effective and efficient when you have a team of experts to support the day-to-day operations of your foundation, assist you with compliance, and nurture your legacy.

    Foundation Source is the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations, bringing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to clients across the country. Our administrative services, web-based foundation management tools, and philanthropic advisory services provide a total outsourced solution for private foundations. Our tiered service offerings range from foundation creation and the basic support all foundations need to a highly customized solution. The result: better-run and more effective foundations. We take particular pride in our 98% client satisfaction rating year after year.

  • Streamlined and automated foundation operations.

    Efficient, worry-free administration is key to making any private foundation a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Our administrative support professionals serve as your foundation’s staff, taking care of the tedious, but necessary chores to keep your foundation running smoothly, so you can focus on your philanthropy.

    We assist more than 1,100 private foundations, taking care of:

    • Foundation administration
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Transaction processing
    • Tax preparation and filings

    If you already have a foundation, we’ll transition you to Foundation Source’s automated platform quickly and efficiently. If you’ve decided to start a foundation, we can have you up and running in less than a week.

  • User-friendly, web-based tools simplify foundation management.


    Connect with your foundation anytime, anywhere by logging into the secure, web-based console provided by Foundation Source. Developed specifically for the needs of private foundations, it simplifies foundation control, communication, and collaboration in a way never before possible. Designated foundation members get instant access and total transparency into foundation activities. Features Include:

    • Charity research
    • Automated granting
    • Grants management
    • Online reporting

    We’ll work with you to customize the viewing rights and granting authority for each person given access to your foundation’s dashboard, allowing you to control what each person can see and do when logged in.

  • Unparalleled support for greater impact.

    With Foundation Source, you immediately gain a complete, virtual staff of private foundation experts, without adding employees or building infrastructure.

    Your foundation is supported by world-class specialists in foundation administration, compliance, and philanthropy. Their knowledge and expertise are gleaned from years of experience, working with thousands of foundations. Their mission is to help you achieve the greatest impact on the lives you touch.

    Services include:

    • Private Client Advisors
    • Philanthropic Directors
    • Advanced Grantmaking
    • Information & Education
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