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With Foundation Source, you get a team of experts to help make your private foundation rewarding and easy to manage.

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A Change in Leadership

When it’s time to pass the leadership baton, our services ensure stability and continuity. We are a constant, steadying presence, so you never lose momentum or key data. These articles will help you prepare for your transition:

Engaging Family Members

A private foundation provides numerous opportunities for family-building activities. Participation also helps prepare the next generation to assume leadership of the foundation when that time comes. Our web-based tools foster involvement and collaboration in foundation activities, even when family members are scattered around the globe.

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Sudden Asset Growth

When a foundation experiences rapid asset growth, such as from a bequest or the sale of a business, the foundation’s payout requirement will also grow, as will demands on the board members. Foundation Source can help you expand your capacity without adding unnecessary overhead.  We can help you:


The Departure of a Key Staff Member or Advisor

Many foundation boards worry that operations will be hamstrung by the departure of a seasoned foundation advisor or staff member. During such transitions, our unmatched expertise in private foundation administration provides continuity of service. Learn how we can help:

Integrated Support Under One Roof

Getting all of your foundation’s needs met in one place is more than convenient—it’s smart! Instead of coordinating the efforts of multiple advisors yourself (some of whom may lack the specific expertise required for foundation operations), you get a team of foundation specialists from one source, Foundation Source.

An End to Busywork

We handle all of your foundation’s transactions (and keep meticulous records). We prepare and file all your foundation tax returns, and take care of the financial and regulatory reporting.

Experts on Call, Not on Payroll

Because our tax, legal, administrative, and philanthropic experts serve as your virtual staff, you get their top-flight support for a fraction of the cost of bringing comparable staffing in-house.

Compliance Monitoring Top Professionals

Running a foundation without running afoul of the IRS requires a thorough understanding of complex IRS rules and regulations. Should we spot potential compliance issues with your foundation’s activities, we alert you and help you make informed decisions about how best to move forward.


• Verify grantee’s 501(c)(3) public charity status

• Provide USA PATRIOT Act due diligence

• Identify supporting organizations

• Monitor “Advance Ruling” expirations

• Monitor grants and expenses to help prevent:

– Self-dealing

– Jeopardizing investments

– Taxable expenditures

– Excess business holdings, etc.

• Monitor affiliations with other nonprofits

• Track substantial contributors

A Technology Platform Built Exclusively for Private Foundations

Connect with your foundation anytime, anywhere, by logging into the secure, web-based console provided by Foundation Source. Developed specifically for the needs of private foundations, it simplifies foundation control, communication, and collaboration.

A Full Range of Philanthropic Options

We’ve streamlined traditionally complex processes, making it easier for your foundation to:

An Instant Network of Foundation Peers

As a Foundation Source client, you become part of a community of over 1,200 private foundations. You’ll gain access to virtual and in-person events where you can share experiences and best practices, meet with experts and sector leaders, and connect with peers who share your interests and goals.

Services Tailored to Your Needs and Preferences

We offer three tiers of service, so you can get the precise level of support your foundation requires. You get everything  you need from day one, and when your foundation is ready to grow, our services grow with you. You’ll never need to go anywhere else.

Essential Services

Foundation Source Essential is designed for foundations with straightforward granting and investment activity. It delivers the core services that every foundation needs, at an economical price point. This turnkey, technology-based solution will keep your foundation running efficiently, effectively, and compliantly, so you can focus on your philanthropy.

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Advanced Services

Foundation Source Advanced is for foundations that wish to pursue more sophisticated grantmaking techniques. In addition to the core services every foundation needs, you gain access to a virtual staff of private foundation experts and advanced grantmaking services to take your foundation to the next level. Services are coordinated through a dedicated Private Client Advisor who gets to know you and your foundation, and serves as your primary contact for all company resources.


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Premier Services

As a Foundation Source Premier client, you enjoy our highest level of support and a full slate of advanced services, most at no additional fee. You’ll be able to take advantage of every IRS-sanctioned giving technique available to private foundations along with proactive tax planning and effective, efficient administration.

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Bob Swaback, President

The Mitchell Swaback Foundation

With the help of Foundation Source, we can run our foundation just the way we want.

Bob Swaback, President

The Mitchell Swaback Foundation

With the help of Foundation Source, we can run our foundation just the way we want. The private website, provided by Foundation Source, gives us immediate access to all foundation information, including the grants we have made and the tax returns we have filed. We have found that their Client Services team is always available for advice and assistance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foundation Source to anyone.

Sonia Baker, Executive Director

Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

We've been through many strategic planning sessions in the past, but never one as well done as with Foundation Source.

Sonia Baker, Executive Director

Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

We've been through many strategic planning sessions in the past, but never one as well done as with Foundation Source. Because we are more focused now on what we want to accomplish, we are able to make a real impact with the dollars we give. Foundation Source gives us the guidance and tools to experiment with new approaches to granting, such as capacity-building grants and multi-year grants, which we would not have considered before. Whenever I have a question, all I have to do is pick up the phone, and Foundation Source is there with an answer.

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