Private Foundation Advisory Services

You get a full team of philanthropic specialists right at your fingertips to help you reach your goals.

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"We've been through many strategic planning sessions in the past, but never one as well done as with Foundation Source. Because we are more focused now on what we want to accomplish, we are able to make a real impact with the dollars we give. Foundation Source gives us the guidance and tools to experiment with new approaches to granting, such as capacity-building grants and multi-year grants, which we would not have considered before. Whenever I have a question, all I have to do is pick up the phone, and Foundation Source is there with an answer."

Sonia BakerExecutive Director Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

Unparalleled Support for Greater Impact

With Foundation Source, you immediately gain a complete, virtual staff of private foundation experts, without adding employees or building infrastructure.

Your foundation is supported by a team of world-class specialists in foundation administration, compliance and philanthropy. Their knowledge and expertise are gleaned from years of experience, working with hundreds of foundations. Their mission is to help you achieve the greatest impact on the lives you touch.

We take particular pride in providing a high level of service to every client, and our 98% satisfaction rating shows that our commitment translates to a superior experience for foundations of every size.

Responsive Client Advisors

Service and support start with your team of Client Advisors, the lynchpin of the Foundation Source support network. These foundation specialists oversee your foundation’s operations, including shepherding grants and grant applications, monitoring minimum distribution requirements, and ensuring smooth integration of the technical aspects of the online resources provided by Foundation Source. Client Advisors serve as your primary point of contact to assist with your foundation’s day-to-day activities, and serve as your liaison with our tax and legal experts.

Advanced Advisory Services

Our advanced advisory services fully support you as your interests grow and your mission evolves. If your foundation has more complex needs our Philanthropic Directors can help.

Whether you are just starting out on your philanthropic path or looking to reinvent the foundation after many years, our advanced advisory services are designed to facilitate the rapid decision-making and action that our clients seek. Our Philanthropic Directors are there to offer practical advice drawn from the best practices and experience of our over 1,100 client foundations. Services can range from a quick phone call to answer a question in real time to periodic visits to review the foundation’s activities and address strategic or governance issues.  

Examples of issues we help clients with include:

  • Defining—or revisiting—the foundation’s mission and priorities
  • Increasing family engagement, including bringing the next generation on board
  • Translating a general interest (e.g., clean water) into a concrete grantmaking strategy
  • Redesigning board meetings or other foundation operations
  • Exploring ways to increase impact or assess results
  • Reinvigorating the foundation through new ideas or approaches to philanthropy
  • Planning for major change, such as leadership succession or a major change in assets

Connect with Peers

Foundation Source also hosts virtual and regional events throughout the year where our clients share their experiences, seek advice on challenges, meet with notable philanthropists, and learn about innovative ways of giving. These events include opportunities to meet with innovative non-profit leaders from the U.S. and overseas.

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