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  • Each foundation is supported by a dedicated Private Client Advisor*, available to assist you on nearly any issue facing your foundation.

    Every time you call, you’ll speak with the same person, someone who understands your foundation’s history. Private Client Advisors are experts in foundation administration and are backed by specialists with expertise in tax and legal issues, compliance, and philanthropy. Services include:

    • Online support: Set granting permissions and the grant approval process; provide orientation and technology support for online users.
    • Compliance support: Monitor qualifying distributions as they apply to the annual 5% minimum distribution requirement; manage deadlines and resources for state and federal filings; review and process foundation expenses.
    • Grantmaking support: Review grants for compliance with IRS regulations, and grant letters to prevent inadvertent self-dealing or earmarking.
    • Implementation support for advanced services: Coordinate with Foundation Source’s tax, legal, finance, and philanthropic advisory staff to meet the unique needs of your foundation.

    *Foundations using our Essential service tier are assisted by a client support team.

  • Support for your foundation as your interests grow and as your
    mission evolves.

    Whether you are just starting out on your philanthropic path or looking to reinvent your foundation after many successful years, our Philanthropic Directors are there to offer practical advice drawn from the best practices and experiences of our 1,100-plus clients and the philanthropic community at large.

    Areas of assistance include:

    • Defining—or revisiting—the foundation’s mission and priorities
    • Increasing family engagement and bringing in the next generation
    • Translating a general interest into a concrete grantmaking strategy
    • Redesigning board meetings or other foundation operations
    • Exploring ways to increase impact or assess results
    • Reinvigorating the foundation through new approaches to philanthropy
    • Planning for change, such as new leadership or a major change in assets
  • Unleash the full power of your private foundation.

    Our advisory services group facilitates a wide range of initiatives beyond the bounds of conventional grantmaking. As you need them, our advanced grantmaking services are available to keep pace with even the most ambitious philanthropists.

    These include support for:

    • International grantmaking
    • Scholarship and award programs
    • Expenditure responsibility grants
    • Program-related investments
    • Low-interest loan programs
    • Direct charitable activities
    • Grant agreements
  • An effective philanthropist is an educated philanthropist.

    We’re committed to helping you increase your knowledge and skills around foundation governance, effective leadership, best practices, and effective philanthropy.

    This is available through:

    • White papers and educational booklets
    • Webinars and online tools
    • Family retreats
    • Board development workshops
    • Executive director coaching
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