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  • Resources to help you make informed decisions about your grantees.

    You get direct, instant access to resources that can help you find and evaluate nonprofit organizations as part of your pre-grant due diligence.


    • IRS Database – Our customized version of the IRS Business Master File includes only those 501(c)(3) public charities that are in good standing and eligible to receive grants from a private foundation. Search by category and subcategory, name, or tax ID number.
    • GuideStar® – Organization profiles include officers and directors, detailed financial and programmatic information, and access to prior years’ 990 tax returns.
    • Charity Navigator – Organization profiles include measures of effectiveness against specific criteria, and comparisons to other nonprofits in the same “peer group.”
    • Foundation Source Cause Center - Links you to a wide variety of resources, organized by issue area. Includes articles, publications, studies, videos, and blogs.
  • A state-of-the-art platform for simplifying each step of the grantmaking process.

    Easily execute grants to any IRS-approved charity with just a few mouse clicks. Our systems automate the review process when grants require approval by a committee or a designated individual.

    Flexible grantmaking options allow you to customize the grant parameters:

    • One-time or recurring grants
    • Future-dated grants
    • Unrestricted grants or project-related grants
    • Grants “in memory of” or “in honor of” an individual

    As a Foundation Source client, you also gain access to innovations we’ve pioneered to expand your grantmaking, such as simplified granting directly to individuals affected by a natural disaster or economic hardship; and grant certificates that allow your foundation to extend limited granting rights to individuals who do not have official granting authority.

  • Put your foundation’s entire grant application process online.

    Our web-based grant management system is user friendly for both you and your grantees, and is completely integrated with the foundation’s back-office systems.

    The online eligibility quiz screens out funding requests that don’t match your guidelines. Nonprofits that meet the criteria are automatically invited to complete a full application. Board members can then filter, organize, review, track, and reply to these requests online as they are submitted, rather than receiving bulky board dockets prior to each board meeting.

    Our grant management platform helps you monitor impact by collecting progress reports and metrics from your grantees. Track how grant funds were spent, grantee progress toward goals, unexpected challenges, and more.

    Every foundation member can quickly master this simple and intuitive grant management system. It requires no software installation or specialized computer skills.

  • Transparency into foundation activities.

    The web-based console and online Reports Library provide instant access to foundation records and activities. The customizable report templates allow you to segment information by date range, program area, geography, and more.

    • Document repository: Key foundation documents are organized and stored in a secure, central location with online access and search capabilities.
    • Grants: Review grant history by time period, grant recipient, or granting individual; grants in process or those awaiting review; future grant commitments; funding history, and more.
    • Expenses: Track foundation fees and expenses paid through Foundation Source. Includes tools to submit foundation expenses for reimbursement.
    • Financials: See a snapshot of foundation assets across all accounts, monitor the 5% minimum distribution requirement, and generate customized statements of activity.
  • Specialized services for corporate foundations.

    For corporate foundations, we provide full support for employee matching gift and volunteer programs. You get easy-to-use online tools that automate and simplify these programs as well as hands-on guidance to help you design and run your programs according to best practices.

    For each matching program you can individually define:

    • Program description
    • Budget
    • Granting cycle
    • Participant eligibility: full-time, part-time, non-employees, etc.
    • Location eligibility: country, region, department
    • Charity eligibility
    • Match limits

    Matching funds for each nonprofit can be combined into a single check and sent with a grant letter that identifies the participants whose activities are being matched. Recipients are fully vetted against the IRS Business Master File and USA PATRIOT Act requirements.

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