New Foundations

Starting a private foundation is an exciting milestone that can take your charitable giving to an entirely new level. As with any new endeavor, there’s a learning curve. Here’s information to help you get off to a good start.

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  • Glen Whitney & The Museum of Mathematics

    Creativity + vision + philanthropic expertise = mathematical magic. Glen Whitney turned to Foundation Source to make his Math Midway educational museum a reality.

  • Diana Barrett & The Fledgling Fund

    The Fledgling Fund supports media projects that raise the visibility of entrenched social problems – a full-time pursuit Diana Barrett accomplishes without hiring a huge staff by outsourcing her foundation’s operations to Foundation Source.

  • The Zimmer Family Foundation

    How does a global foundation stay connected? Ask Cheryl Zimmer and Jordan Z. Baesler, the web-savvy mother-daughter team behind the Zimmer Family Foundation, who use Foundation Source Online to make grants and collaborate from anywhere.

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