Much of What You Think You Know About Private Foundations May Be Wrong


Virtually all high-net-worth individuals have a commitment to philanthropy. More than ever, they are allocating significant portions of their assets to charitable giving. In looking to create a charitable vehicle, many donors wrestle with whether they can best accomplish their philanthropic goals through a private foundation or a donor-advised fund.

For many, a private foundation is the best vehicle to meet those goals.

Unfortunately, misconceptions persist that private foundations are difficult and time-consuming to create, are complicated and expensive to run, and require huge operating endowments to make them worthwhile. Foundation Source has made it its mission to enable more people to have efficient, effective, and compliant foundations than ever before. This session will help you give the best guidance to your clients. It helps explain:

  • What is a private foundation?
  • What are the advantages of a private foundation?
  • What are the common misperceptions about private foundations?
  • How can Foundation Source help your clients?
  • How does Foundation Source work with attorneys?

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