Foundation Management: Doing It Yourself vs. Outsourcing


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Conventional wisdom once held that private foundations required millions of dollars and many months to start, and that running one entailed heavy legal and administrative burdens. No longer. Foundation Source revolution­ized the private foundation as a giving vehicle by developing technology and efficient processes that dramati­cally streamline setup and ongoing administration. Foundation Source makes it possible to establish a new foundation with $250,000, yet provides support robust enough for foundations up to $500 million and more. Now in our second decade, we are the largest foundation management and advisory firm in the United States.

A private foundation powered by Foundation Source is online and ready to grant in less than a week. It is easy to maintain and cost-effective to operate. And we minimize the tasks that you, the donor, don’t want to do. We file taxes, monitor compliance, and handle back-office responsibilities. We provide each foundation with an online “command center,” for transacting your philanthropy, and client advisors to provide day-to-day assistance. You can rest easy knowing your foundation is compliant, well-run, and making a real impact.

This chart compares the requirements and capabilities of a traditional foundation with one administered by Foundation Source. As you will see, with us lifting the administrative and compliance burdens, and providing philanthropic advisory support as you need it, you can focus on what really matters to you, to your family, and to the genera­tions yet to come—which is what philanthropy has always been about. We just make it simple.

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