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A good education can be a springboard to a better life, offering the chance at a good job, greater lifetime earnings, and even better lifetime health. Supporting even one college scholarship changes the life of the recipient, helping them break the cycle of poverty, serve as a positive role model, and change the trajectories for their siblings, friends, and communities. There are few other gifts that return such profound rewards.

Although any scholarship can be meaningful, there’s no rule that says they should be reserved exclusively for straight-A students. In fact, most academic scholarships go to the students best equipped to get to college on their own—those with top grades, a wide range of activities, and more often than not, a support network for their pursuits. But what about the B-average student, for whom just getting to high school every day was a dangerous challenge? What about the single mother learning job skills following her transition from a domestic violence shelter? Their merits and efforts may not be obvious from their GPA, but are just as valid, if not more so.

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